association between himself and the bowl had not yet arrived,7 and was sad and deeply ashamed of himself. Forthwith he built a tope at the place and a monastery, and left a guard to watch the bowl , making all sorts of contributions. There may be there more than seven hundred monks. When it is n. ear midday, they bring out the bowl, and, along with the common people,8 make their various offerings to it, after which they take their midday meal. In the evening, at the time of VMware Certification i. ncense, they bring the bowl out again.9 It may contain rather more than two pecks, and is of various colours, black predominating, with the seams that show its fourfold composition distinctly marked.10 Its thickness is about the fifth of an inch, and it has a bright and glossy lustre. When poor people throw into it a few flowers, it becomes imm. ediately full, while some very rich people, wishing to make offering of many flowers, might not VCP6-DCV it exam stop till they had thrown in hundreds, thousands, and myriads of bushels, and yet would not be able to fill it.11 Pao yun and Sang king here merely made their offerings to the alms bowl, and then resolved to go back. Hwuy king, Hwuy tah, and Tao ching had gone on before the rest to Negara,12 to make their offerings at the places of Buddha s shadow, tooth, and the flat bone of his skull. There Hwuy king fell ill, and Tao ching rema. ined to VCP6-DCV look after him, while Hwuy tah c

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