stepping very carefully that she might be clean and neat about the feet and there was no harm in that But when she came to the place. where the footwear led across the marsh and where there was mud and puddles she threw the loaf into the mud and trod upon it to pass over without wetting her feet But as she Magento Certified Developer it exam stood there with one foot upon the loaf and the other uplifted to step farther the loaf sank with her deep. er and deeper till she disappeared altogether and only a great puddle from which the bubbles rose remained where she had been And that s the story But whither Magento Certified Developer did Inger go She went down to the marsh woman who is always brewing there The marsh woman is cousin to the elf maidens who are well Magento Certification enough known of whom songs are sung and of whom pictures are painted but concerning the marsh woman it is only known that when the meadows steam in summer time it is because she is brewing Int. o the marsh woman s brewery did Inger sink down and no one can endure that place long A box of mu. d is a palace compared with the marsh woman

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