that she did not know her age it ought to bring her good luck, for it was made of a ray of sunshine, she said. And as the good old woman was consid. ered something of a witch, everyone thought the little hood rather bewitched too. And so it was, as you will see. One day the mother said to the child Let us see, my little Golden hood, if you know now how to find your way by yourself. You shall take this good piece of c. ake to your Grandmother for a Sunday treat to morrow. You will ask her how she is, and come Ericsson Certification back at once, without stopping to chatter on the way with people you don t know. Do you quite understand I quite understand, replied Blanchette gaily. And off she went with the cake, quite proud of her errand. But the Grandmother lived in another village, and there was a big wood to cross before getting there. At a. Ericsson Certification turn of the road under the trees, suddenly Who goes there Friend Wolf. He had seen the child start alone, and the villain was waiting to devour her when at the same moment he perceived some wood cutters who might observe him. and he changed his mind. Instead of falling upon Blanchette he came frisking up to her like a good dog. Tis you my nice Little Golden hood, said he. So the little girl stops to talk with the Wolf, who, for all that, she did not Ericsson Certification it exam know in the least. You know me, then said she what is your name My name is friend Wolf. And where are you going thus, m

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ED0-001 Ericsson msc/bsc competence exam Ericsson Ericsson Certification
ED0-002 Ericsson bts competence exam Ericsson Ericsson Certification