ups when he heard the one about the dra. gons and could not recall the details. Dareon may have made up the whole story. Singers do that. They make things up. They do, said Maester Aemon, but even the most fanciful song may hold a kernel of truth. Find that truth for me, Sam. I wouldn t know who to ask, or how to ask him. I only have a little High Valyrian, and when they speak to me in Braavosi I cannot und. erstand half of what they re saying. You CCA-V it exam speak more tongues than I do, once you are stronger you can When will I be stronger, Sam Tell me that. Soon. If you rest and eat. When we reach Oldtown I shall not see Oldtown again. I know that now. The old man tightened his grip on Sam s arm. I will be with my brothers soon. Some were bound to me by vows and some by blood, but they were a. ll my brothers. And my father he never thought the throne would pass to him, and yet it did. He used to say that was his punishment for the blow that slew his brother. I pray he found the peace in death that he never knew in life. The septons sing of sweet surcease, of laying down our burdens and voyaging to a far sweet lan. d where we may laugh and love and feast until the end of days but what if there is no land of light and honey, CCA-V only cold and dark and pain beyond the wall called death He is afraid, Sam realized. You are not Citrix Certification dying. You re ill, that s all

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