ear, with his homely face and friendly ways. She punched him. That s vile. Would you bed your sister Longspear s not your brother. He s of my village. You know nothing, Jon Snow. A true man steals a woman from afar, t strengthen the clan. Women who bed brothers or fathers or clan kin offend the gods, and are cursed with weak and sickly children. Even monsters. Craster weds his daughters, Jon pointed out. She punched him again. Craster s more your kind than ours. His father was a crow who CASP it exam stole a wom. an out of Whitetree village, but after CASP he had her he flew back t his Wall. She went t Castle Black once t show the crow his son, but the brothers blew their horns and run her off. Craster s blood is black, and he bears a heavy curse. She ran her fingers lightly across his stomach. I feared you d do the same once. Fly back to the Wall. You never knew what t do after you stole me. Jon sat up. Ygritte, I never stole you. Aye, you did. You jumped down the mountain and killed Orell, and afore I could get my axe you had a knife at my throat. I thought you d have me then, or kill me, or maybe both, but you never did. And when I told you the tale CompTIA Certification o Bael the Bard and how he plucked the rose o Winterfell, I thought you d know to pluck me then for certain, but you didn t. You know nothing, Jon Snow. She gave him a shy smile. You might be learning some, though. The lig. ht was shifting all about her, Jon noticed suddenly. He looked around. We had best go up. The torc

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CAS-002 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) CompTIA CASP